Sunday, October 23, 2016

Martha's 31 Days of Horror Day 23: Heavy Metal Music

When I was younger, starting around the age of 7 or 8, my classmates started calling me a
devil worshipper/Satanist because of the fact that I rocked out all the time to METAL.
I was cast out from that moment on.
What used to irk me to no end is that they labeled me a freak, outcast, devil
worshipper/Satanist just because of the type of music I listen to.
Those kind of things shape who a person becomes...
and yes, it did shape me.
Metal music has always been an escape for me. The music
seems to understand the pain and anger I hold inside and
SOMETIMES... it understands me better than I understand myself.
Other times, it touches on the other emotions I have... love, happiness,
fun... and it always makes me think. I never thought there was anything
wrong with my taste in music until my classmates did what they did.
But I did not let their close-mindedness or petty slander stop me from
listening to the music I held dear to my heart.
Sadly, they decided that since I didn't "listen" to them, they'd make it harder for me...
but that's another story for another post...
Many times in my life I've been confronted and told Metal was satanic, evil,
devil music... and that is just NOT the case. There are lots of Christians who are
into heavy metal and make the music... but there are lots of Satanists and other
non-mainstream religions who tend to be metal heads. Why? Because Metal heads
do not judge, we do not slander one another, we accept the outcasts because we
too have been there... and that's where our strength lies.
It's a beautiful thing when people who have been tossed aside, mistreated, abused,
shunned, and other wise tossed aside by "normal" society can unite through music.
How is music that does that, evil?

I do listen to a variety of music because I am a musician.
However, my main genre is always been and always WILL be
HEAVY METAL. I get sick in my stomach if I listen to too much POP
and country music makes me ILL period. Rap isn't my thing and
I am just more appreciative of metal due to the fact that these people
write their own music, perform on their own instruments, and show
you their inner hearts/souls through melodies and lyrics.
Metal is not evil.
Never has been.
Never will be.
Evil is people who say something is "bad" just to control others.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Martha's 31 Days of Horror Day 22: Halloween Decorations

When browsing for yesterday's pumpkins...
I found some KICK ASS Halloween set ups.
So again, I bring to you my faves from across the internet.
Once again I do not know the people who did these,
these are just the ones I saw online,
thought were cool and decided to feature here for
31 Days of Horror in a best of the best.
If these are yours... and you want credit...
please feel free to contact me below in comments.
I thank you for creating your
AWESOME set up. I will give full credit to such talent.
So here they are...

Friday, October 21, 2016

Martha's 31 Days of Horror Day 21: Best Halloween Pumpkins on the Internet

I was thinking what could I do that is more HORROR and HALLOWEEN themed all in one.
Then it hit me, PUMPKINS. Let's find the scary, most CREATIVE ones the internet has to offer
and post them in my 31 days of Horror... so these are those Pumpkins. I like these... there are
thousands out there on the internet but these are MY PICKS of the best of the best.
Also, THANK YOU... because of creative people LIKE YOU,

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Martha's 31 Days of Horror Day 20: Martha's Top 4 Horror Animes

 My top 4 Horror Animes.
I know there are a lot more than these...
if you have suggestions
please feel free to suggest in comments!
The story is about the relationship between freelance photographer Kouhei Morioka and Hazuki, a young girl who descends from a royal vampire lineage. At the beginning of the story, Kouhei travels to a castle in Germany to take photographs of paranormal phenomena for his friend Hiromi, who is the editor of an occult magazine. At the castle, Kouhei meets Hazuki, who feeds on Kouhei's blood and claims him as her unwilling servant. Although this "blood pact" is supposed to bind Kouhei to Hazuki as her obedient slave, her act has no effect on Kouhei. Following an action-packed sorcerers' battle in which Kouhei and his cousin manage to free Hazuki from her captivity in the dreary castle, Hazuki travels to Tokyo, and takes up residence with Kouhei in his grandfather's house in Japan. Hazuki claims that, because she fed on his blood, Kouhei is now her servant, but Kouhei continually refuses to obey her, especially when he thinks her requests are unreasonable. Despite their fighting, the relationship between the duo progresses over time — even in the face of repeated attacks by opposing vampires — until Kouhei becomes determined to protect Hazuki from the vampire servants of her family, who are determined to retrieve her by whatever means necessary.
Lucy is found by two locals, Kohta, who studies at the local university, and his cousin Yuka. They take her in, and become involved with the numerous, often brutal, attempts to recapture her by a Special Assault Team and a number of other Diclonius, who shift frequently from oblivious to murderous.
Much of the plot of Elfen Lied revolves around the Diclonii species, which strongly resemble humans; the only obvious difference are the two horn-like protrusions extending from the temporal and parietal regions of the skull.
Diclonii powers involve the use of invisible arms, known as "vectors", that can grasp and impact things as if they are solid, but also become insubstantial and pass through objects. They can slice objects as well, which is how Diclonii usually kill their victims. Vectors usually have a limited range of a few meters, but the length varies among each Diclonius. Diclonii also demonstrate the ability to sense one another.
A key point of debate throughout the series is the Diclonius propensity towards violence. Many have a vendetta against humans, and have ambitions to wipe out the human race and populate the world with their own species. It is disputed and contradicted during the series as to how Diclonii develop their violent behavior, whether it is part of their genetic DNA or whether it stems from abuse by humans.
If a Diclonius vector penetrates or even so much as touches a human male body, the "vector virus" is transferred to the human, causing their children to be born as Diclonii (when born from humans they are called "Silpelits"). An incident involving the escape of a child Diclonius during Kurama's early years where the Diclonius' vectors penetrated him without causing him pain, resulted in Mariko being born a Diclonius and Kurama taking precautions against a recurrence by urging Bando to be sterilized. All Diclonii (Silpelits) born from human parents are sterile and female. There is only one Diclonius that is actually capable of reproducing: Lucy, the "queen".
When Earth's population drastically increased, humanity, led by the United Nations, attempted to colonize Mars. During the colonization, they discovered two alien technologies: the Bacillus virus and the Crusnik nanomachines. The colonists injected the Bacillus in their bodies which transformed them into "Methuselahs". They installed the Crusnik in the bodies of four test tube babies: Seth, Cain, Abel and Lilith whose enhanced bodies were the only ones able to survive the procedure.
Continuing wars on Earth eventually led to Armageddon, the apocalyptic event that happened 900 years before the start of the story, and the colonists returned to Earth to help with rebuilding. However, when the colonists returned to Earth, a war broke out between the Methuselahs and the humans who had remained on Earth. Abel, Cain, and Seth took the Methuselah's side—while Lilith supported the Vatican, which guarded humanity. During the war, Cain went insane and killed Lilith. In grief, Abel took her body to the Vatican where she was buried. Abel remained at her side, weeping for her, for 900 years.
At the start of the story, the vampiric Methuselahs, still a major political and military force, continue to wage war on the "Terrans", as they call the human inhabitants of Earth. The Roman Catholic Church is a major military power determined to protect humans from the Methuselahs, with its seat of power based in the Vatican. The Methuselahs have their capital in Byzantium, which is surrounded by a field of particles to filter out UV radiation, protecting the Methuselah population.
Both groups use "lost technologies", such as airships, missiles, and computers, to engage in a cold war with one another. A third great power, Albion also plays a role in the war with its superior arsenal of lost technology and weapons and higher level of manufacturing ability versus the Vatican. The independent monarchy of Albion is a primarily human country, however the secret of their expertise in lost technology is found in the Ghetto, an underground city of enslaved Methuselah. It is these Methuselah who operate and manufacture the lost technology, but with the death of the Albion Queen, some of the enslaved vampires begin a rebellion for the freedom of all of the Ghetto residents.


Hellsing is named after and centered around the Royal Order of Protestant Knights, originally led by Abraham Van Helsing. The mission of Hellsing is to search for and destroy the undead and other supernatural forces of evil that threaten the queen and the country. This organization is currently led by Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, who inherited the leadership of Hellsing as a child after the death of her father. She witnessed his death which turned her from a once innocent and shy little girl to a tough and deadly force. She is protected by the faithful Hellsing family butler and former Hellsing "trashman" Walter C. Dornez, a deadly foe in his own right, and Alucard, the original and most powerful vampire that swore loyalty to the Hellsing family after being defeated by Van Helsing one hundred years before the story takes place. These formidable guardians are joined early on in the storyline by former police officer Seras Victoria, whom Alucard turned into a vampire.

As the scale and frequency of incidents involving the undead escalate in England and all around the world, Sir Integra discovers that the remnants of a neo-Nazi group called Millennium still exist and are intent on reviving the Third Reich by creating a battalion of vampires. Millennium, Hellsing, and the Vatican section XIII Iscariot clash in an apocalyptic three-sided war in London, and Millennium reveals its true objective: to destroy the vampire lord Alucard, ending a feud begun during World War II.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Martha's 31 Days of Horror Day 19: Black Cats

Let's talk about Black Cats.
I myself have 5 black cats (used to have 2 more but sadly in September both
Echo and Moxley passed away): Fleckie, Sweetie, Puddin', Jellybean, and Poe.
I love my black babies. They ARE a handful but I have found a few things to be true
about Black Cats... they are more in tune to what is going on around them opposed
to other colored cats, they are more mischevious, they are loyal to a fault, and they
are very dedicated to the human who loves them with their whole heart.
Thank you to Fleckie, Sweetie, Puddin', Jellybean, and Poe for being
my inspiration for this post. I love you all so very much.

Most people will NOT adopt black cats because of the stupid
superstitions of having one. Black cats are the least adopted of
all cats in shelters across America which is sad.

Stupidity of humans thinking everything is "Evil" have labeled black
cats as one such thing. A black cat is far from evil. True, they are more...
dark and foreboding than any other breed cat... and they tend to get into
more trouble than any other breed or color I've ever owned (and I've had
many, many, MANY cats) but that doesn't mean the black cat is an evil incarnate.
Old Superstitions debunked.
Black Cats crossing your path bring you bad luck.
Um. NO. I have had dozens if not hundreds of BLACK CATS cross my path and nothing happened. If you have bad luck after a black cat crossed your path... that's just a strange coincidence nothing more.
Black Cats can steal your soul as you sleep.
Um... if that's the case, Mines gone then cause my babies always sleep next to me (at least some of them do). What a stupid superstition. Cats are in tune to a human to the point that they can detect sickness kinda like dogs do for cancer patient. Your cat WILL know when you feel bad, when somethings wrong, when you make a strange noise and they want to help you so if you see your cat standing over you as you sleep it isn't trying to steal your soul, it just wants to help you in some way... that or it's trying to tell you to wake up and feed it.
Black cats work with witches/the devil.
OK well that is stereotyped. When the people write scary stories they play on the fear of the masses by using something that they think represents evil. Black Cats... sadly fell into this category more than once. I have never met a witch that had black cats because they thought they were magical or a connection to Satan. I've never met a black cat who had magical properties that can be used in witchcraft or to summon Satan. Sorry. It's just not true. Black Cats ARE magical because they are a precious animal being here to bring you love and help you relieve stress by petting them.
The Devil himself takes the guise of the black cat at night.
Ok this is just idiotic. If Satan was going to appear why would be disguise himself as a cat? Well... Ok maybe he would but seriously, If I were Satan I'd just be showing myself like "TADA BITCHES BET YOU DIDN'T THINK I EXISTED" and not hide in any other form. Devil/Satan is too powerful to reduce himself to that... unless it is just FUN for him.
If a black cat sits on you it's a sign you are going to die.
Well motherfucker, guess I better get my affairs in order.
Sorry, no. I have black cats sit on me for YEARS and I'm still here.
There are many, many more... but seriously, can you see the stupidity in these?
I think I've made my point. 

Black cats are often hunted by kids who want to pull pranks especially around
Halloween time. If you DO own a black cat and it's an outdoor cat, please secure
a safe place for your kitty so it is safe from people who could and would do it
harm. Please note that these are people with twisted minds... disturbed people
doing things they think are all in fun and they have NO respect for animal lives.

So I think I'll say in closing...
Consider Black Cats as a pet. They are beautiful, loyal,
fun, therapeutic, and by having a Black Cat you are
close to having something truly amazing which is why
most of us call them MINI-HOUSE-PANTHERS.
Local Shelters have black cats longing for a forever home.
Consider taking one in when you want to adopt next time.
You will NEVER regret it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Martha's 31 Days of Horror Day 18: Vampires - How they've changed.

Vampires have changed so much since Bram Stoker wrote Dracula. From age to age we've seen some really significant changes in the vampire genre.

Vampires went from grotesque to seductive which isn't a bad change but it did bring a lot of other changes to vamps that most people don't want to tolerate (like the sparkle, teeny, heart-throb vamps).

Vamps used to could shape shift into only bats but then it evolved... into multiple animals, sometimes fog, sometimes other people... it depends on the vamp.

Stakes sometimes do NOT kill a vamp. Cutting off the head sometimes doesn't kill a vamp. These days it's really unsure what can destroy a vampire completely all past methods in modern vampires seem to fail most of the time. What is dead doesn't always stay dead... or undead... or, oh hell you know what I mean.

Used to be garlic hurt vampires but over the years garlic was made to wear it was weaker and weaker.

Vampires used to not be able to venture out into the sun for fear of death. While some vampires found inventive ways to do so (See Dracula The Series where A. Lucard actually has a scientist invent a sunblock for Vampires).

However, sadly, one movie *cough*Twilight*cough* thought it would be "CUTE" for Vamps to not melt in the sun but SPARKLE. *shakes head* This has made a BAD BAD name for vamps. Now it is hard to take a Vampire show or movie seriously. These days 90% of Vampire movies end up like Twilight or Vampire Dairies. Hard to stomach sometimes.

Even shows like True Blood got hard to stomach (after Season 4 I believe).

So what do you think? What Vamps are YOUR FAVORITES? Which ones do you despise?

Monday, October 17, 2016

Martha's annual trip to Spirit Halloween 2016

My annual trip to Spirit Halloween...
This year I was disappointed.
Half the animatronics didn't work.
Nothing really "NEW".
But here are the photos anyway...

Holding a heart in my hand...

This is my last year doing this...
Trying to find them in a different 
location each year plus nothing new,
Half their shit not working...
Not worth my effort.